5876 Summerton Highway

       Manning,SC 29102

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         or 803-410-2755

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        With Over 25 Years of experience,We do more than clean boats and upholstery, We can create full boat covers, console covers, canvas Bimini tops,polish pontoons and more!!!! **Free Quotes**


****Environmentally Safe Products****

  • Scorpion Protective Deck Coatings - Long lasting , can be sprayed in any color with a Glossy or Satin Finish      Visit  http://www.scorpioncoatings.com/
  • S.G. Protective Deck Coatings- European Nano Glass polymer resin goes on Pontoons after they are cleaned. Wash off with a wash cloth or take the boat out for a ride to stop the scum line! Visit http://www.sgcoatings.com.au/
  • Malco - Visit http://www.tcpglobal.com/Detailing
  • Carolina Shine
  • Infinity Decking or SEA Decking by Request

*Other Services*

  • Shrink-wrap boats for weather
  • Some Mobil services available for Boats to big to be trailered